"When we look at a picture a moment of magic occurs." - Tom Bentkowski, TIME Art director

I truly love what I do and enjoy working with a variety of people.

One of my priorities is having a great rapport with the bride and groom. However, I consider the bride to be the focal point of the wedding … the groom get's "Best Supporting Actor." Everyone else is also important, adding to the character of the event.

Every wedding has its own personality, character and beauty.
As there is something intriguing and beautiful in everyone, so it is with a wedding.
No two people are alike … no two weddings are alike.

It's my job to document the personality, character and beauty of your wedding in an aesthetic, artistic way.
With a successful career in Photojournalism, Commercial Photography and Fashion Photography, It is my depth of experience and passionate commitment to the art that allows me to provide my clients with images that have content, are beautiful, and personal.

So come to Kauai, enjoy it's majestic scenery, and immerse yourself's in her warm turquoise seas.
Marry the one you love, have the wedding of your dreams, and I'll be there to take the photos.


Ted Lauder Photography Kauai Hawaii